The Kryptonite Spirit Of ‘Never Enough’

The Kryptonite Spirit of ‘Never Enough’

Never Enough is like a black hole in deep space that resides in people. Never Enough restlessly sucks in whatever it can, is never satisfied no matter what you do and gives nothing in return but empty promises and broken hearts.

Never Enough is silently vicious and can never be satisfied.  Your very best will never be good enough for Never Enough. Never Enough has no true concept of being content with anything and is always seeking more, and more and more.

Never Enough is lack-conscious, meaning it is always focused on what’s lacking, what’s missing (glass half-empty mentality). Never Enough is fear driven, self-conscious, sin-conscious, paranoid and overly self-protective. Never Enough is overly critical, judgmental, domineering, controlling and opposes GRACE who is all about supply, progression and wholeness.

Never Enough is intelligent and brilliantly plots (flow charts) the processes necessary to take the maximum while giving the very least to the detriment of the unfortunate one Never Enough is connected to.

Never Enough loves to attach itself to grace-conscious individuals who don’t understand or recognize their virtue, and who don’t protect themselves well from Never Enough folk who SAY “thank you” but really are not appreciative.

Never Enough is a parasite that sucks it’s victim dry for as long as possible, and just like a parasite Never Enough is a master at stealth and shape-shifting in order to avoid detection.

Never Enough knows how to appear to be a friend, a helper, a giver of pleasure, a companion and a comrade while taking the best of one’s best and reciprocating toxicity, negativity, uncommitment, disloyalty, bitterness, manipulation (control-freakism) and instability.

Until such an one is DELIVERED from the demonic spirit of Never Enough that person is kryptonite! Never Enough will never change it’s nature, but the one harboring Never Enough can.

Pray and speak deliverance over that one’s life, but until then…love only from a distance, because God doesn’t impose on people’s freedom to choose and as long as that person is comfortable harboring ‘Never Enough’ and sees no need to change, he or she won’t. ♥♥♥

Qualify Your Next

Lessons Learned….QUALIFY Your Next!

 A Lesson For Believers

There’s nothing worst than being all hooked up and locked up with somebody who’s not committed to you, your destiny, your vision or your purpose! Talk about TORTURE?

Getting in is easy and pleasurable, but getting loose from a soul-tie involving the totality of your mind, will and emotions from that BEAUTIFUL tormentor is a long and painful struggle. Ask Sampson. Can you be set free? Yes, but when all is said and done you’ll wish you never had to be…

A person who is uncommitted to their own self CAN’T be fully committed to you; it’s impossible. If they’re not committed to their own best interests what makes you think they’ll be committed to yours?  If you are committed yet you hook up with a person who is not committed to their own self, that person is likely to be envious or some other state of disagreement and contention with you.

The Lord said we would know folks by the fruit they bear. There’s a huge difference between judging somebody (condemnation) and inspecting fruit! Take your time Baby Brotha and Baby Sis…master the art of fruit inspection. ☺

Who and what are you uniting your mind, will and emotions (your soul) to? That other person is who they are, they can’t fully hide what or who they are but can you see them for what and who they are? When the SEX is over, the soul-tie is activated and THE TIE doesn’t stop!

One of the proper criteria for fruit inspection before purchasing is to examine one’s commitment to their own self. How can you tell if they’re committed to their own self? If they’re not committed to God they are NOT committed to their own true self. How do we know?

When God breathed into the nostrils of the first man He breathed His very essence, His Spirit into Adam…”and Adam became a living soul.” The essence of who we are is in God, and until we realize that we have no real clue as to who we are.

“For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” Acts 17:28

A person who’s not committed to God is not committed to their own true self, and thus they can’t be fully committed to a mate or anything/anybody else…there will be a pattern of uncommitment in their life, and that’s why God said not to be unequally yoked.

The only way you can truly tell if a person is committed to God is if YOU are truly committed to God. Then and only then will you be able to recognize who IS and who ISN’T committed to God.

Whoever God has for you IS for you, and your true soul-mate ain’t goin’ nowhere! Take your time, pray and think.  ♥♥♥

© 2014 – David Jordan Dill

Ladies: Seek A Man With A Plan

Ladies, For Your Own Sake…Seek A Man With A Plan!

The purpose of this post is to eliminate FRUSTRATION in a woman, because if a man gives her frustration she’ll incubate it; she’ll give life to it, multiply it and give him hell in return! You both deserve better  

Ladies, I’m going to deal with the men in another post. This one’s for you…it’s all up to you to make sure the man you’re considering to be with has a PLAN that he can clearly articulate for his life.

It doesn’t matter how attracted you are to him, how compatible you think you are or how much your hormones are raging, if you get with a man who doesn’t have a plan for his life that he can clearly articulate to you on paper (or other written format)…you are MISSING one key ingredient as to whether you can STAY with that man.

It’s been said that knowledge is power, and God said His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. God created Eve to be a helper to Adam in the work God assigned Adam.  If you’re going to do things God’s way and have Him join you together with the right man, being the Woman of God and the Queen that you are…you deserve to know what you will be helping your man do and become for the rest of your lives together BEFORE your first kiss!

You as a Woman absolutely must know whether you fit into that Man’s plan while you’re sober-minded, and before you get “drunk in love”… all wrapped up and into him physically and emotionally. This is critical qualifying criteria for you as a Woman. You might not like that Man’s plan, OR you might not be qualified to fit in his plan. He should be checking you out this way as well and if he’s not, he is unwise!

Here’s why: That Man you’re drooling over (forgive my playfulness) he has been assigned by God to solve a specific problem in the earth, and if that man doesn’t know what that plan is, if he’s not fully committed to God’s plan for his life…he can’t properly evaluate, qualify or determine what woman best suits him as a helper!  Is this making sense to you?

This is very serious business and you as a woman need to avoid a precarious situation at all cost. He not only has no clue as to where he’s going, he has no clue who he’s supposed to be with…and he’s choosing to be with you while being ignorant, incomplete and possibly while being in rebellion to God.

He’s ignorant because he doesn’t know what he needs to know in order to be the leader God assigned him to be. He’s incomplete as a Man of God until he receives that assignment and begins carrying it out! If God has shown him that Assignment and he is procrastinating or flat out refused to fulfill it, then that man is in a state of disobedience…yet he’s trying to be your man!

Think about that real long and hard, because he’s not…You as a Godly woman can’t be a helper to a man who is ignorant of or in rebellion to his God-given assignment.

Ladies, if you get with a man without a plan it’ll be like getting hired by a company and then being assigned nothing to do! Flow chart that thing all the way out! He’ll only FRUSTRATE YOU and you’ll end up scrambling to find something else to do. His insecurities are likely to rise to the surface even more then, gender role reversal and all kinds of STRIFE will be the end result.

That whole scenario is a hindrance to YOUR God-given destiny Ladies. You need a Man with a plan! You need a man who’s plan compatibly matches your plan. Otherwise, that relationship will be OVER before it even begins or it will be unfulfilled.  ♥♥♥

© 2014 – David Jordan Dill

The Woman Of Your Dreams: A Man’s Mission Of Qualification

Brothers, have you found yet that we will never find a ‘perfect’ woman? It’s because she only exists in our heads!  Let me talk some Bible to the Brothers.  According to The Bible it’s our job as men to help our woman become the perfect woman for us, which means she initially comes incomplete! 

Does she recognize that ‘incompleteness’ and is she willing to let you complete her the same way she is assigned to complete you as a man? Let’s see…

God’s Assignment for Men is to love her with the Love of God, to protect/cover her, sacrifice for her, provide for her, teach her the Word of God and to cultivate her by bringing out the best in her; to provide an environment where the fullness of her femininity can flourish like a tender plant unfolds in full bloom in God’s timing and in God’s way:

“Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word” Ephesians 5:25-26

The question is…can you do this and will she allow you to do this? Truth is: we can’t lead a woman into something we’re NOT…so it’s all about walking the walk of Christ-likeness before talking the talk. Then, with Christ as our model and a willing mind, we as Men can do this. NOW, will she let us?

A Godly woman who understands your role as God’s man who expects this from you might let you…depends on her understanding of her proper God-given role and her willingness to be covered, be loved, be led, be taught the Word of God, be provided for and for the best in her to be brought out (cultivated) by you.

These things are to be examined EARLY! I spoke on a Man having his vision and purpose clearly outlined before seeking a woman and her need to see it in written format before getting heavily involved with each other in an earlier post.

Your job is to QUALIFY her with the above criteria ahead of time before receiving her as your Woman, and her job is to do the same with you…that is if you want God to bless the union! I’ll get into her proper qualifying of you as a Man in another post, but she can learn something about that right here too…

How well does she fit into the dream and purpose for your life? How does she respond to the written outline of your vision and purpose? Can she see herself going where you’re going by faith and outside of her comfort zone? Can she recognize her own God-given purpose being fulfilled within your purpose as a HELPER to you?

How much resistance or cooperation do you get from her while you pursue your destiny? Brothers, we’ve got some WORK to do and if she’s not there to cooperate with you and complete you she’ll compete with you…there is no middle ground!

The reason we as Men will never find the perfect woman is because it’s our job to help shape and mold her into that level of maturity and usefulness in the fulfillment of our God-given Assignment by leading her and cultivating her the same way Jesus Christ does His own Bride, The Church:

“That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” Ephesians 5:27

Just like some church folk have a religious connection to God without a true and intimate connection, some women expect the blessings and benefits of the affiliation but refuse the discipleship. Some are caught up in feministic gender-role reversal and want to steer you like Jezebel controlled King Ahab.

Some are masters at shape-shifting; appearing humble, submissive and willing to be led and taught God’s way in the beginning but their extreme arrogance and fear of losing control, and the ways of their worldly independence eventually show up.

The words we receive determine mindsets and strongholds; words well-received and meditated on are the words which grow to full fruition in our lives. FORGET how good they look and how sweet they sound…what are they saying?

You can always tell what a person has been listening to, watching, meditating on, believing and receiving in their heart, and the philosophies and mindsets of the people they hold in highest esteem by their actions, speech and surrounding circumstances because “We ARE what we eat!”

Our job as Men is to determine a woman’s level of cooperation and willingness to being your woman God’s way ahead of time. She may be perfect for you in the beginning, but will she be at the end of the day?

These are the days where deception is at an all time high in human history just like The Bible predicted in Matthew 24, and Jesus put the burden of responsibility on us not to be deceived and preached the entire chapter starting with the words: “Take heed that no man deceive you.” (Matthew 24:3) No man includes wo-man!

If it sounds like I’m being harsh about women…I AM, but know who it is that I’m talking about. I’m saying these things because this is the day and time we are living in right now; I’m referring to the same foreign women King Solomon’s mother warned him to stay away from but who eventually took him down, and caused him to lose stewardship of the kingdom God entrusted him with.

I’m talking about women in The Church who are impostors; goats among sheep, tares among wheat…not the Precious and Truly Virtuous Women of God who you’re looking for and who are secure in their identity and Christ-likeness!  ♥♥♥

© 2014 – David Jordan Dill


The Love Exercise: “I AM LOVE”

Just about every Christian knows I Corinthians 13 as being The Love chapter in The Bible. Here, we get a clear view of what Love is and what Love is not, BUT can we see ourselves as being Love? When we do, we will chase fear out of our lives the same way light scatters darkness.

God is Love. He sees us as being one with Him in spite of our sins because of the finished work of His Son Jesus Christ. He sees us as being ONE with Him whether we realize our oneness in Him or not. He created us in His image and likeness, therefore we who believe are fully identified with God as being His Children of Love by His Grace, and not by Man’s faltering performance  or works.

Since salvation itself is an identity issue and not a performance issue, all we as Believers need to do is grow in the understanding of our true identity with God’s own loving nature.  Let us permanently set our minds to seeing ourselves as He sees us in our completed state by accepting and affirming that Christ-like nature.

I Corinthians 13:4-8a in the King James Version says:

“Charity suffereth long, and is kind; charity envieth not; charity vaunteth not itself, is not puffed up, Doth not behave itself unseemly, seeketh not her own, is not easily provoked, thinketh no evil; Rejoiceth not in iniquity, but rejoiceth in the truth; Beareth all things, believeth all things, hopeth all things, endureth all things. Charity never faileth”

This exercise involves replacing the word “charity” or LOVE  with “I AM” to program our sub-conscious and conscious minds with the true identity for our lives by verbally repeating and continuing to repeat:

“I AM LOVE: I am patient.I am kind.I do not envy.I do not boast.I am not proud.I am not rude.I am not self seeking.I am not easily angered.I keep no record of wrongs.I never fail.”

Jesus said in Mark 11:23 when we believe in our hearts and do not doubt, we will have what we say…literally! Amen.

This disciplinary exercise of verbal affirmation makes us better receivers and givers of God’s unfailing Love, more personally grateful for that Love and increases our recognition of who is walking in God’s Love and who is not which is critical in the process of qualifying a potential mate, friend or business associate.

This exercise and similar ones like it also help us realize our indestructibility in Christ (the LAST thing Satan wants us to know), and plucks out every form of fear from the root. It helps us walk in the Spirit-led power, love and a sound mind afforded us by The Blessing of being a Child of God.

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.” I John 4:18

Love is not just an action word. Love is who God Our Father is shaping and molding us to be…Love is who we are. ♥♥♥ 

© 2014 David Jordan Dill


Are You An Empath?

Many of us are empaths. We have the gift of being able to fully identify with people and situations without necessarily knowing all the details.

Some refer to this as discernment and this applies also, but for the purpose of illustration I’m going to stick with describing this gift as empathy because to me, there’s a difference between knowing or determining a thing and feeling that thing deep down inside.

Empaths see, hear, feel and experience things at a deeper level than many expect or even believe is possible. We can walk into a room and know exactly what page everybody is on without so much as having a conversation; it’s that intense!

Funerals can be especially hard for empaths to attend because even though we may not personally know the deceased or any of the family members attending, the waves of their combined grief can be daunting.

We as empaths like to stay to ourselves and are especially choosy about who visits our homes, who we hang out with and who we spend a lot of time with. Negative people don’t just make us feel bad; they make us feel REALLY bad. Sometimes we feel like cry babies, and then we get mad at ourselves for going through what we go through.

Some of us have this gift and don’t even know it (some have had it for YEARS); we don’t understand why we prefer to be alone most of the time and avoid large or noisy crowds. The gift of empathy will either be a blessing or a curse.

Empathy is a blessing to those of us who counsel, help, aid, nurse and minister to others, but it can be a curse that hinders us from our destiny if we are unfamiliar with our gift and undisciplined in managing it.

But once we recognize this gift in us and learn how to distinguish our own feelings from the feelings of others; once we learn to discipline ourselves we can properly decipher what we’re experiencing outside ourselves and manage the gift of empathy for the glory of God.

It’s highly important to unite with others who have this gift of empathy, especially those who are more experienced than ourselves. If you’re an empath, find someone you can mentor and be mentored by as a protege because “iron sharpens iron.” ♥♥♥

"Still In Love With YOU!" --Luther Vandross

Divorce Is NOT An Option!

Mom & Dad attest the longevity of their 54 year marriage to the Mentorship they received from Dad’s parents who’s marriage lasted 63 years until the death of one parted them. It’s all about WHO you’re actually married to, and I’m not just talking about the other spouse….

All marriages are not put together by God, and a marriage license from The State (legal marriage) can not bind two people at The Heart…I am living proof of that fact. Jesus said “What God hath joined together, let no man put asunder (separate)” and my parents’ marriage (a real spiritual marriage) shows proof of God having done the joining.

Whether God put a man and a woman together by The Power of His Spirit OR whether two people only got together on their own and ‘on paper’ will prove itself over time.  According to our parents, even though God does the joining of marriages that last there’s a certain cooperation on the part of both spouses that is still required.

After several failed legal marriages and witnessing how my parents overcame things that could have torn them apart, I finally asked them how they made theirs last. Their answer was simple but PROFOUND:

“Divorce was NOT an option for us. I had to put my selfishness away, and one thing I can always depend on your Dad for is whatever decision he makes for us, it’ll be for the sake of the marriage. The decisions we make aren’t for his benefit alone or mine, we make our decisions for the sake of the marriage.” –Mom

That short conversation 3 years ago unleashed a powerful tidal wave. What is Mom saying? First things first…quitting is not an option.  I received the biggest shock after each of my failed marriages.  We made solemn vows before God publicly saying “for better or for worst, etc., etc,. till death do us part” in a church before God, a minister and a congregation…so I’m thinking ‘the deal is sealed’and believing I’m with someone who’s in it to win it no matter what.

The extreme bottom line of our situations centered around the fact that our love for each other was not enough, and the ones I was with simply quit.  We weren’t bad people and I don’t believe our problems were beyond repair.  One by one for whatever reason, they simply quit.

Mom says we live in a throw-away society now where people are conditioned to throw old and broken things away rather than maintaining them well and repairing them like we used to. (That’s BIG…please don’t miss that!)

While it’s true that Dad and Mom got legally married, their hope and dedication was not to the state sanctioned legal contract. They got spiritually married first and foremost…not only to each other; they got married to The Marriage itself. They loved each other when they got married and still love each other now, but they are more dedicated to The Marriage than to themselves individually or each other. (Pause and re-read if you have to!)

Mom re-introduced a Biblical concept to me in a way I could receive it, and my parents have been modeling that concept to my Sister and I all our lives. This is what I’m sharing with you now.

The Marriage itself is a 3rd party entity of it’s own outside of each spouse which binds spouses together in ways they can’t do with their own wisdom or strength…and the submission of both parties to The Marriage is a MUST if the marriage is going to last: “til death do us part.”

What does that mean in a practical, day in and day out way? When we as spouses are focused on each other, each one’s faults, failures, foolishness, fumblings and frailties ALWAYS SHOW UP and without the unconditional and unfailing love of God being The Centerpiece and Governor of the relationship, destructive fault-finding of each other creeps in and kills the relationship over time like cancer.

Constructive criticism is one thing and a necessary thing, but when it comes to constant fault-finding which stems from a judgmental heart that’s something completely different, and the evidence of whether one is being constructively criticized or being nagged to death with fault-finding will show up.  One’s true motives can’t hide.

The judgmental heart of a quitter drives that person to condemn and find enough fault in their spouse to quit.  For them, it’s easier to quit than to submit! The submission we’re talking about is not just to the other person but to The Marriage itself.

The purpose of this covenant relationship is to cover each other’s weaknesses, not to exploit them or badger the other about their weaknesses or reject them.  These are not God’s ways.

“Love covers a multitude of sin” and  “God is Love” the Bible tells us! HE is the binding force of unfailing and unconditional love and unity in The Marriage, and one’s heart can’t be changed to love that way without submitting to God Our Father as an individual first.

One can’t be transformed from being a fault-finder to an unconditional lover without being a worshiper of God, a receiver of His Love and finding ultimate contentment in God by dwelling in His Presence.  If we try to replace God by making our spouse our source of joy…that person will eventually let us down. As beautiful as our spouses might be, they were never supposed to replace God as our source of joy.

This is why God must be The Centerpiece and Governor of The Marriage.  If you can picture God being at the top of a triangle with each spouse at the lower corners, that couple comes closer together as they both move towards God…

Herein are part of Mr. David and Ouida J. Dill’s Legacy:

1) When spouses are more than just legally married to each other, and spiritually married to God first and foremost individually and collectively He IS The Marriage, which means DIVORCE IS NOT AN OPTION IN GOD.  If the marriage is truly going to work, quitting by either spouse is not an option! Our Promise is to persevere for a lifetime and, Almighty God Himself is The Source of perseverance, wisdom and strength in marriage.

2) Choosing a spouse who won’t quit doesn’t have to be hard. Start with YOU. Are you a true worshiper who loves God with your whole heart because you recognize and you’re constantly focused on His unfailing Love for you?

Do you love Him and and appreciate being in His Presence more than any human being or physical object? If so, then you are now equipped to to put away judgmental and fault-finding ways, and to love your spouse with The Love of God NO MATTER WHAT…you can’t give what you don’t have.

3) Once you’re solid there, do you self-improve? Do you regularly improve your physical body which is also the temple and dwelling place of God within you? Are you willing to take the absolute best care of yourself as a gift to yourself and your spouse (or future spouse)? Do you read, study, learn, understand, receive and feed on The Word of God who is The Bread of Life?

Is God the source of your empowerment to be the absolute best person you can be on your own as an individual? In other words, are you a single or whole person the way God intends for you to be in spite of your relationship status?  Are you acknowledging the God-given gifts placed within you that are pre-programmed like a DNA sequence; like a tree inside a seed waiting to manifest?

Are you letting God cultivate those gifts within you, and exercising those gifts for His glory?  Do you recognize your assignment to be blessed by God and to be a blessing to others? God wants you to DO YOU and be the best you He created you to be whether you’re married to somebody or not, no matter what age you are.

4) The example of my parents’ marriage before me (and now presented before you) equips us to better qualify and recognize who we should and shouldn’t be with. It’s been said ‘we attract who and what we are’ into our lives, so one who lives by the above 3 Real Deal Dill Legacies will hopefully attract the good thing they’re looking for.

One who lives this way can recognize who is and who isn’t living this way, and be QUICK to filter out quitters before a relationship even starts.

Does that potential mate make passionate pursuit? Do they research widely available sources of information on how to make relationships last, how to resolve conflicts, how love is communicated in different ways, or how to meet the needs of their spouse better?

Where there’s no cultivation there’s no growth, so is that one a cultivator? Are they one who believes in leaving the other person better than they found them, and do they live their lives in such a way that brings out the best in themselves and others?

5) One thing Dad and Mom taught us:The Dill’s don’t quit, we’re in it to win it and we achieve every single thing we set our minds to. This requires problem-solving ability! Wisdom and understanding is the order of the day, and these will either come by the shortcut of Mentorship or the wasteful long haul of Pain.

“If any man lacks wisdom, let Him ask of God…”

Answers can’t hide from questions, and when we don’t know what we need to know, the most vital lesson I’ve learned is to ask God “What questions should I be asking You about this Lord?” That’s a Prayer God is standing by to answer! He promised that when we trust in Him with all our heart and acknowledge Him in all our ways, He WILL direct our paths.

In conclusion, the foundation of Mr. David and Ouida J. Dill’s Spirit-Led Legacy has been laid in their love for God and their love for each other. May the seed of their marriage legacy richly bless each reader with a bountiful and Godly harvest of blessings which far exceed what any of us can ask or think. In Jesus’ Precious Name, By The Power of His Shed Blood, Amen and Thank God! ♥♥♥

"Still In Love With YOU!" --Luther Vandross
“Still In Love With YOU!” –Luther Vandross

Worshipers Love Best!

Trouble In Paradise

Adam and Eve did not fall from Grace until they became non-worshipers; all was GOOD before Eve entertained snake-talk (3rd party interference) rather than heeding to God’s instructions…and Adam hearkened unto the voice of his snake-bitten wife rather than obeying God.

When God approached afterward, He went to Adam first because Adam was given the charge to obey and be a worship leader rather than be lea to worshiping the wrong ‘god’…Once Adam & Eve became non-worshipers they became non-receivers of paradise.  In essence they became non-worshiper/non-receivers.

Non-worshipers are still blessed by God to a certain extent because God loves us all. “He rains on the just and the unjust”…but worshipers have God’s HIGHEST FAVOR. Those who worship Him are blessed and highly favored like no other!

Worshipers With Non-Worshipers

That’s why worshipers and non-worshipers are a MISMATCH; they actually oppose each other even though they may like or love each other. The worshiper holds God in the highest esteem, trusts Him, walks by faith (what can’t be seen), and depends on God to make things happen, whereas the non-worshiper is less reverent, fear-driven, has little or no hope, and depends on self and/or others to make things happen rather than God.

Differing views about God brings division between couples.  A non-worshiper is much more likely to leave room for the devil’s destructive ways in relationships, and when it comes to LOVE, a non-worshiper/non-receiver of God can’t love anybody (including their own self) with the unconditional and unfailing love of God until that Love is well received first.

Without God’s Love dwelling within, a non-worshiper can’t help at some point but to be overly critical, judgmental, harsh, impatient, unstable, shifty, cold, ungrateful, resentful, unforgiving, disrespectful and downright cruel simply because they are a non-receiver of God’s Love, and that’s the best human love has to offer without God.

God Is Love

But if you ask that person if they “love” their partner, they’ll say YES because from their perspective they may actually love that person with all their heart. The problem is their heart is still cold as ice and hard as a rock until it’s been warmed and softened in the presence of God’s True Love…HE IS LOVE, thus the need for the LIFESTYLE OF WORSHIP.

“He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” I John 4:8

If we want God’s best for ourselves and be able to give God’s best to the ones we say we love, it starts by worshiping Him, praising Him, giving Him His glory and the accolades He so richly deserves. We worship Him out of sheer appreciation for WHO He is, and not just for what He blesses us with. The One who sent His Son into this world to save our souls to unite us with Him as His own is altogether WORTHY of our worship!

God only wants what’s best for us, He claims us as His own and Love needs a receiver! God pours out His best on those who recognize and treat Him like He is best! If you’re looking for a mate, find one who loves God MORE than they love you…that way, they’ll be an excellent receiver of God’s Love in order to love you the right way!

The REAL You

God doesn’t see us the way we see ourselves. We see ourselves as we were and as we are; God sees us in the fullness of our potential. Our Eternal Heavenly Father, exists OUTSIDE of time, and sees the end result from before the beginning even begins! He is the author and the finisher of our faith:

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith…” Hebrews 12:2

What’s seen now is not faith. We can’t allow the expectations of others to shape and mold who we are, nor can we depend on our own limited thinking outside of Our Creator. Let God fill your heart and mind with His perspective; the VISION of who He is shaping and molding you to be: The Awesome Christ-Like You!

We can best believe God finishes everything He starts WELL! We are a work-in-progress…HIS work. Keep looking unto Jesus and you’ll continue discovering the real you!

STOP Playin’!!

We go before God and The Church to get married, but we stand before a judge with lawyers to get a divorce. Naw…go back and invite everyone who was at the wedding, arrange a ceremony and make sure God is present…THEN stand before everyone who was at your wedding and pronounce yourselves divorced!

“What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.” Mark 10:9

With a 50%+ divorce rate in this country, it’s not hard to see that God doesn’t join every marriage.  Some marriages He did orchestrate ended in divorce legally by The State but have not been divorced by God.

God allows divorce for the cause of adultery, but HE Himself doesn’t divorce those whom He put together…otherwise He’d be going back on His own Word!

Jesus also said to forgive those who offend us 70×7 times…So, which way will you go? And we wonder sometimes why we can’t get over somebody we ‘divorced’ in court? That’s just one of many reasons why divorce is worst than death…

At least when somebody dies, theirs permanency there; that person is gone from this earth realm, but encounters with a divorced person often continue in one way or another, as well as the ripping apart and re-ripping of those two souls.  Divorce has to be one of the absolute worst human experiences possible.

Just because two people separate physically doesn’t mean there is no SOUL-TIE anymore. If we don’t unite with the right person God’s way from The Beginning, the devastating consequences are absolutely unavoidable. For our own sakes, let’s be absolutely sure GOD does the joining, and never be afraid to say: Sorry Baby…No Wed, No Bed!!